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eTutor offers two programs to match the needs of students and parents. Choose Independent Study for self motivated students or One 2 One Study for students who benefit from the guidance of an experienced online tutor. Both programs offer the flexibility that eTutor provides - a program tailored for the student, the option to stop and restart studies for travel, time off, and other interests, and the ability to work anywhere with internet access.

eTutor Independent Program

The eTutor Independent Program is a complete learning experience that includes all that a student and parent will need for instruction and learning. Students choose what and when to study, with all lesson modules for their grade level at login.

An individual subscription provides your child access to all eTutor lesson modules at his or her educational level, immediate quiz and exam results, a communications center and other online tools and activities. Parents have access to the student report card through their own unique login and password.

The all-inclusive fee includes full enrollment in the eTutor Independent Self-Guided Program, instructional lesson modules in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, Parent and Student Logins and Passwords, Portfolio-Report Card, Instructional Assistance and Monthly Newsletter. Enrollment in the eTutor online program begins on the day payment is received.

Over 10.000 students from around the world have enrolled In eTutor since its inception. The eTutor Independent Program is ideal for students who are self motivated. Enrollment begins within twenty-four hours of subscribing. We look forward to welcoming you and your student into the eTutor world of learning.

eTutor Guided One-2-One Program

eTutor provides students an experienced online tutor chosen for his or her ability to advise and support the student and family. Their compassion and understanding form the foundation from which the student can grow, both scholastically and in all other areas of life. Tutors keep in touch with parents by e-mail or phone at least once each month.

Students have a say in the lesson modules they complete. Educational counselors help parent and child to design an educational program individually suited to interests, learning styles and academic needs. The goal of eTutor is to develop an independent learner.

Students in the Guided One-2-One Program receive:

  • All of the benefits of the self guided program
  • Individual student educational program
  • Direct contact with a tutor one hour each week
  • Access to the tutor 24/7 via email
  • Expanded access to eTutor lesson modules
  • Assignments created to build skills and knowledge base

Each Subscribed student and parent receives a unique login and password for accessing the program anytime day or night from any place in the world. Enrollment in the eTutor Guided One- 2-One online learning program begins within twenty-four hours of subscribing.

  Independent Study One 2 One Study
Dynamic lesson modules
Accredited curriculum
100+ within grade level 3000+ within entire curriculum
Parent & student logins
View completed and upcoming assignments
Graded quizzes & exams
Automatically graded quizzes & exams
Real-time tutor access via chat
Direct contact with your tutor one hour/week
Unlimited tutor access via email
E-mail your tutor any time for support
Individualized assignment
Individualized assignments with your tutor's feedback

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"Dion and Allisia enjoy working with eTutor and have learned a lot...they tell me everything they just learned on a daily basis."

- New Hampshire Grandmother

"Your program is excellent - by far the best I have seen so far, and I have recommended it to several other parents."

- Tennessee Homeschooler

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