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This the welcome page a parent, guardian, or teacher will see when they login.

e-Tutor provides parents, guardians, and teachers with a unique login that will allow them to track the progress of their student. e-Tutor believes that adult involvement is critical to student success. Tools in the e-Tutor Program make this easy. By far the most important tool for the adult (of those listed below) is the "dynamic" or "live" report card, featured on the next page.

Tools for Teachers, Guardians, and Parents

  • Report Cards
  • Available for every student under your care
  • Up to the minute status of your student's progress
  • Also features an "education review" which confirms that the student has completed the offline activities
  • Communication Center
  • Reminder Service
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Resource Center
  • Help Pages
  • Contains vital documents on how to access the system and tips on how to be successful

The Curriculum

  • 3,000+ lesson modules
  • 200+ authors
  • 20+ subjects
  • 4 curricular areas

Explore the curriculum.


  • Easy credit transfer
  • Quality assurance
  • Access to loans & scholarships

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